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Aliado.SAT  v.

Aliado.SAT is a speech recognition-enabled tool for professional translators. Its much faster to say a sentence than type it using keyboard. Using speech recognition can increase your productivity even by 100%. Translate faster with Aliado.

Aliado.CAT  v.

Aliado.CAT is a computer aided translation tool for professional translators. A complete translators workbench at reasonable price. Use translation memories, machine translation, glossaries or migrate to Aliado.


WWW File Share Pro  v.5 40

WWW File Share Pro is a file sharing tool that works via your web browser. But it also has quite a few plug-ins that allow you to do much more than sharing a few files. But first the basics, WWW File Share Pro is really a web server.

WWW File Share  v.2.0

WWW File Share is a software that can help you share files with your friends. What you need to do is to specify the path which contains files you want to share (for example: 'd:' or 'e:mp3') and the port number to start the share service.

Www CashCentral com

www CashCentral com screensaver for Internet Explorer. Explore scenes of nature from this www CashCentral com screensaver. Freshen up your computer screen with a www CashCentral com screensaver for Internet Explorer and Windows.  v.1.2

The new way of combining challenge and pleasure in the world of puzzle games.! Solve this fun testosterone booster puzzle and win! This is the place where you choose the level of difficulty from a simple 6 piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut.

WWW Photo Album  v.1 16

WWW Photo Album can help you easily create photo albums. WWW Photo Album creates high quality thumbnail images and html pages for the album.

Www-Sharp  v.1 43

www-Sharp is program for wysiwyg web-design and creating server-side and client-side HTML applications. It includes powerfull HTML editor, XML editor, tools for creating HTML help applications, .

WWW Reference Maker  v.2.2.0

Extract web based information from your browser. WWW Reference Maker provides you with a simple way to extract web based information from your browser and automatically create standard citation references from this information.

H2:www  v.1.0

h2:www is an easily extendable online interface for bioinformatical command-line tools, providing convenient project-oriented working facilities for multiple users.

Wpldap - WWW interface to LDAP server  v.0.6.4

WWW interface to LDAP server allows to administer LDAP directory using WWW interface.

WWW Counter  v.0.01

WWW Counter is a configurable, extensible hit-counter for World Wide Web pages which can be used either as a CGI (embedded in your site) or as a standard UNIX console application (support for ncurses is planned).

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